100% Rwandan Coffee

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a country of a thousand hills and is landlocked but with its ideal climate to produce high quality Arabica coffee. The Rwandan farmers are hard working and are proud to present the best coffee for export. Rwanda has made strong efforts and investments over the past years in numerous washing stations, assuring that the ripe coffee cherry is processed to produce high quality coffee.

The secret of Rwanda's Finest Coffee

Rwanda is located two degrees south of the equator, and its high elevation making its climate temperature average.The daily temperature near Lake Kivu is at an altitude of 4800 feet (1.463 meters) which is 73°F or 230°C.The Annual rainfall averages 80 centimetres (31 inch).But it is generally heavier in the western and the North-western Mountains, this favaours and makes the quality provision of the finest coffee in africa.Rwanda’s country side, is covered by grassland and small farms. Extending over rolling hills with areas of rugged mountains that extend southwest from a chain of volcanoes in the northeast. They divide between the Congo and Nile drainage systems which extend from north to south through western Rwanda at an average elevation of almost 9000 feet. On the western slopes of this ridgeline, the land slopes abrupt toward lake kivu and the Rusizi River valley, which forms the western boundary with the democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and constitute part of the great Rift valley, with rolling hills extending across central uplands at gradually reducing altitudes, to the plains, swamps and lakes of the eastern border region.This makes Rwanda coffee of great characteristic because of the volcanic soils, clean acidity, full body flavour, and chocolate and fruit aroma.

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